Made with Xara We offer instruction from the ground up focusing on understanding the nature of the horse, and how to approach and communicate with them.  Our goal is establishing a satisfying, safe, harmonious relationship with these special animals. In the saddle we begin with body awareness, balance, posture and relaxation in the rider.  This is done first on a lounge line so that the rider can learn to balance before dealing with controlling the horse.  Once the rider is comfortable with the horses movement we can address techniques for most effectively guiding and controlling the horse.  Learning to ride well is a lifetime learning experience and is very rewarding as the rider becomes more effectively able to direct the direction and paces of their mount.  Learning to ride well leads to better understanding of our own body balance.  When we achieve harmony with the horse then the real pleasures of riding whether it is a simple trail ride, riding over a jump, or riding a complex pattern  becomes available.  Whether you have been riding for years or are coming for your first time on a horse, riding instruction will enhance your experience. As riding skill increases we encourage our students to try participating in riding activities that are of interest to them. Some of our students have gone on to compete in 4-H, High school equestrian team, local hunter shows, dressage and eventing as well as western events and trail riding. We have experienced lesson ponies available and many students use their own or leased mounts. Learning to ride is fun and challenging as the rider learns to influence the horse by controling their own body. Made with Xara Web Designer Made with Xara Made with Xara