SKYVIEW FARM was established in 1986 aound our enjoyment of horse ponies and people who share our passion.          For many years we bred Connemara Ponies and Connemara / Thoroughbred crosses and although we no longer breed we are still great admirers of these athletic and personable animals.    RIDNG LESSONS are the best way for both children and adults to get to know horses, how they think, and how to safely interact with them,   We have an active lesson program focusing on establishing riders with a strong foundation using balance seat English riding.  To provide an individualized experience all our beginner lessons are one on one.  We strive to provide our students with a safe environment to learn about horses their needs and how to ride them.  We teach all ages starting at 6 years . THE TACK SHOP at Skyview Farm was in business when we arrived.  The market has changed and we are now in the process of selling  our stock. You can find our inventory listed on this web site.  Most of the remaining stock is English equipment and clothing but there are lots of general horse care items.  See our inventory for additional information. LOCATION:  Skyview Farm is located 2.5 miles east of Canby only minutes from highway 99E. our address is 10822 S Bremer Rd Phone 503-266-4367  email:   .