We are proud of the attentive, consistant, quality care we provide for our boarded horses.  We recognize that horses are individuals and attempt to meet their needs as such.  Our goal is to balance the free roaming grazing nature of horse with the human desire for control, safety and cleanliness.  We strive to provide a safe, pleasant environment for owners to handle and work with their horses.  Each horse has a comfortable stall, (outside runs are occasionally available) and daily pasture turnout in same sex groups weather permitting.  We have limited dry lot capacity for temporary confignment.  We also welcome special needs horses. mineral mix that balances the hay we feed.  A supplemental grain mix, beet pulp and alfalfa are available to maintain adequate weight if needed.  Your personal feed additives can be added to your horses daily feed at no extra charge.  We also stock some common addatives such as Corta-Flx and a biotin product that can be added to your horses food at a standard monthly rate.  Horses are fed hay 3-4 x per day.  Parasite control and preventative health care are individualized to the animal and can be managed by your vet or our staff as needed.  Incoming horses are quarantined until their health, vaccination and deworming status can be deturmined.  We routinely administer wormers and immunizations and can provide other health care as needed. In summer we put on and take off fly masks daily.  In winter we will put on and take off turnout sheets and blankets based on your instructions and expected weather.  Changes into stable blankets every evening and turnouts in the morning can be arranged for an extra fee.   Full care horses stalls are cleaned daily.  Other services can be provided by mutual agreement. We have an indoor arena 60 x 110 and outdoor riding areas.  We have a small wooded area on the farm where  we are developing trails.  Small permanent jumps and  a set of moveable jumps are available. We have an experienced professional staff with someone on the premesis at all times. We provide close attention to balanced nutrition with a individualized diet including hay and a custom vitamin contact us at: SKYVIEW FARM INC 10822 S Bremer Rd Canby 503-266-4367 skyponies@canby.com Made with Xara Web Designer Boarders are welcome to join in regular farrier, trimmer and vet visits or make their own appointments. Partial care is offered and involves the horse owner doing their own stall cleaning at least every other day.  We compost our manure and require adherence to proper managment rules for partial care boarders. Barn rules and supervision have the goal of providing a safe, and relaxing environment for all horse owners. We are a family oriented facility and welcome well behaved, supervised children and dogs. Made with Xara